Dodi HandyDodi joined iRemedy in January 2017 to oversee our investor relations activities. She is also the founder and CEO of WallStreetWriter, LLC, a Florida-based communications firm providing professional financial copywriting services and design and development of corporate collateral materials necessary for engaging, educating and inspiring key stakeholders. Broadly recognized as one of Wall Street's most experienced and trusted investor and public relations executives, Dodi has devoted the past 25+ years crafting comprehensive, highly polished communications platforms that have served to support her valued private, pre-public and publicly traded clients. Previously, she was the President and CEO of Elite Financial Communications Group, LLC, an award-winning, independent IR/PR firm. Dodi began her professional career serving a three-year tour of duty with the U.S. Army, where she was recognized as the “Soldier of the Mount” by Fort Dix, New Jersey and “Soldier of the Post” by Fort Jackson, South Carolina, as well as “Soldier of the Year” by both VCorps and US Army/Europe.