Healthcare Ecommerce

Thousands of medical professionals, hospitals, distributors, manufacturers, GPO’s and consumers connect via websites hosted by iRemedy every day. We are the nation’s largest provider of ecommerce solutions for the healthcare industry, delivering much needed supply chain solutions for drugs, medical supplies, devices and other products.

We are the first healthcare ecommerce to be integrated with EMR data, and we are reinventing smart supply usage and cost management through the use of artificial intelligence and other technologies.

Our ecommerce sites carry tens of thousands of products, and are customized specifically to the healthcare industry, designed to ease ordering, driving down costs, and eliminate middlemen.

Are you a healthcare organization that is looking for supply chain management solutions that will drive down the cost of medical supplies? iRemedy is the answer.

For doctors, iRemedy also provides the ability to recommend products to their patients, through an easy to use app without upfront technology or product costs.

iRemedy clients include the largest healthcare and insurance companies in America, in addition to thousands of physicians, dentists, surgery centers, consumers and more.

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