Podcast: Healing and Wellness by Having Food Delivered to Your Door

How to Marry the Passions of Food Interaction and Health.
Description: Join us today on iRemedy, as hosts Tony Paquin and Gary Paquin talk with Richard Bennett, co-creator of Epicured. Richard previously worked with Northwell Health, and created their healthcare incubator, North Shore Health Ventures. More recently, Richard has teamed up with friend and co-creator, Renee Cherkezian, RN. They are using their collective experience in fine cooking, healthcare, and entrepreneurship to put the healing power of food to work. Epicured brings the culinary world together with the clinical world. Epicured has developed a subscription meal delivery service in the New York area that offers 100% low FODMAP and gluten-free food. The meals are healthy, unique, and digestion-friendly. The recipes shy away from the many carbohydrates and sugars that are hard to digest, and even harder to keep track of. The menu is both exciting and accessible; it’s filled with original healthy creations and our takes on everyday favorites and comfort foods. Listen in to today’s podcast to learn more about how the clinical world ties into consumer’s needs for delicious, healthy, quick meals. … Read More

Podcast: Wearable Nanotechnology Product Creates a New Standard in Healing

Experience the Breakthrough of a New Revolutionary Personal Home Therapy Orthopedic Cooling Device That Just May Change Your Life!
Description: Join us on iRemedy today as we welcome Dr. David Abramson. Dr. Abramson is the Acting Chief of Surgical Services at Englewood Hospital and is the Chief Medical Officer at Nanohealth. Dr. Abramson has worked in connection with orthopaedic surgeons to invent new Nano Cooling devices to aid orthopaedic patients in healing. This revolutionary amazing product replaces the ice pack. Join us as we discuss the many benefits of this new technology and the in’s and out of how this product works. Learn about phase change and how adjusting the chemical makeup changes this product from a liquid to a solid. … Read More